When we see people with their lovely companion dogs so happily walking and playing around us, we will have a thought why don’t we have a doggy, so we can be happy like them? This is a common thought for every people including myself, but be aware having dogs is not an easy task, we need to be responsible for their life. We will have to feed, train, and play, give vaccinations, and have routine health check up for the doggie. Visit for more details https://doggieslist.com/

Before having a puppy as a pet it is better for you to learn about the dogs breeds and how to raise each of them. So you can choose which breed is suitable for you. There are small, medium and big dogs breed, active and passive, long hair and short hair and many others to know. Remember to discuss with family members first and check each member for dog allergy. You will need all family members to help you raise the dogs or at least the agree to have a pet at home.

Many consideration need to be take before having a dog at home. The size of the puppy is one of them. If you are living at an apartment large doggy is not a good choice, they will grow up so big and generally large breed is an active dog. You will need to walk the dog everyday outside because you got no yard to let the dog spend their energy.

House with elderly inside also need to be considered because they are weak and easy to fall down if the pet crashes them accidentally which can cause many problems. On the other side small toy dogs are OK with them. Other than they are cute and funny dogs, they can give the happy feeling for elder people.

Exercises are the most important thing for the doggie to have. Almost every dog breed need exercises, the different just the number of exercises needed. Dogs that have less exercises will have much energy to spend and commonly they can become destructive dogs at home. So before you start to have a dog at home, you must have prepared the time for your doggy in your life schedule. If you are kind of busy people than you can choose the breed that are quieter and need less exercises that agile one.

Training is the main course when having a dog. Dogs need training to be a well behaved and obedience dogs. Without dogs training, dogs will only become just like any street dogs that we often see. Time and patience is needed for this doggy training. If you are lack of time or patience to train your doggie since puppy which is easier to do than older one that already have a habit, you can adopt older doggie from dogs adoption agency and generally is cheaper than puppy from a breeder.

Dogs barking also one of the doggies problems that owner need to deal with. Dogs usually bark when get bored or haven’t spent their energy on the day, that’s why dogs like to bark a lot at night. That is the reason why we need to have time for our doggy to have exercises, play with and pet walking. When these dogs barking become excessive, the neighbors will complain to you and soon will hate you and your doggie if you don’t come with any solution for the dog’s barking. Dog training collar can be an answer for this doggy problem. You can use the bark collar to train them to control his barking and bark just when needed like to alert for intruders as the guard dogs or to do the dogs jobs as the sheepdog.

Dogs’ hair is different on each breed, there are short haired, long coated and double coated haired dogs. Dogs’ hair just like human could fall out and left at your furniture like sofa and carpet. So you need to brush and clean the hair regularly to keep your house tidy. If you don’t have time for grooming the dog regularly, it s better for you to have short-haired dog breed so the hair don’t bother you and the dog itself. But remember short-haired dog will be shiver at winter or cold day so prepare heater tools for them.

Dogs love the digging activities, roll in flowers, chomp on vegetables and branches in your garden so you need to train them not to do it at your garden or you can install the wireless radio fence to keep the dog away from the specific area of your garden. The Dog training collar can help you to solve this problem include with proper training.

You need to feed the dog. Dog food is a must thing to consider before having a dog. You need to search for the best dog food depending on your dog breed. As we know raw dog food is the best for every dogs, as in the wild life they eat the raw food and it was natural. When you are going to search for dog food, make sure that consult with the vet and local stores for this dog food solution as they are expert in this area of dog health.