Choosing a reliable supplier of garage doors is also crucial. You can think of buying either online or offline. In case you are purchasing via the Internet, you have to be really cautious. A few companies selling garage doors and garage door openers via the Internet do not have any real knowledge or experience about the product. Make sure the physical address of the company is provided and you can try to check its authenticity by some reliable method. As a general rule, it is always preferred to purchase from a company that was a well known and established garage door specialist before having launched their online portal.

Other things you need to check:


  • Find their experience and expertise in the industry.
  • Check out if they have a sales office or a showroom.
  • If they have committed to door deliver the product to you, find out whether they will need help in offloading.
  • If you are buying it from a local showroom, visit the place and check for yourself the quality and performance of the door or door opener. Do clarify all your doubts there. It is a better option to call their representative to visit your place and analyse your garage so that they can recommend the door that will best fit your garage.
  • If you are impressed with a friend’s or a neighbour’s garage door, ask from where they bought it. Recommendations do work.



Do some research. If you are a “do-it-yourselfer,” you may want to do the installation yourself. All products, be it sectional garage door or roller door, come with clear instructions. If you feel you don’t have the time and interest in doing it yourself, you can have a professional do it. While purchasing, make it a point to ask the distributor whether they will arrange the installation for you and when they will be able to do it.


Different doors need different maintenance strategies. Most people are of the idea that timber doors will require heavy maintenance. But, that is not the case these days with several protective treatments available. Wooden finishes are obtainable and you can decide on which finish you need and ensure that it is available.

Whatever kind of door you are buying, make sure you are well aware of the maintenance programs. A few companies also provide free after-sale maintenance services. Don’t hesitate to stress on that aspect.


Clarify with your supplier the exact warranty period of the sectional garage door or garage door openers you are purchasing. Besides, remember to keep the receipt of your purchase safe. You will be asked to show the proof of sale in case you are making a claim a few years later.